Hello! I am Melissa. I live in Alaska. And I am the girl behind Galavanting Poodles!

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My great passion is back country hiking with my dogs. It is this love of the outdoors that introduced me to Standard Poodles. Upon the recommendation of a stranger at a ski resort, I began researching the value and versatility of standard poodles in the back country. 

Today you can find me in the mountains of Alaska, always with at least one poodle by my side. Often you'll see me out climbing, hiking and camping with my poodles… in full show coat!

Yes! I do show my poodles in American Kennel Club and Canadian Kennel Club conformation shows. Because a well-bred poodle will hold up to scrutiny in the conformation ring… AND… play in the back country with great vigor.

Feel free to take a look around. Get to know my standard poodle family and learn more about the poodle lifestyle. I share all kinds of great tips about training, feeding (I’m a raw feeding type of gal!), grooming and more!

And when you see us galavanting through the mountains of Alaska… be sure to say “hello!”